Central Office


Pete Castellano, President
 Tamika Gilbert-Floyd , Vice President

Terre Alabarda
Lou Della Barca
Kristy Bird
Patrick Ireland
Michael Price 
Marita Sullivan
Barbara Szilagyi



Central Office Administration
Dr. Kimberly Gruccio, Superintendent
Stephen Santilli, Assistant Superintendent
Lily Moss, Assistant Superintendent
Chandra Anaya, CPA, Business Administrator/Board Secretary
Dr. Terry Charlton, Director of Human Resources


Administration Building

13 Swift Drive

Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 08234

(609) 646-7911

Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Gruccio 1000
Assistant Superintendent Stephen Santilli 1003
Assistant Superintendent Lily Moss
Business Administrator/Board Secretary Chandra Anaya, CPA 1006
Director of Human Resources Dr. Terry Charlton 1022
Director of Development Ellen Gregory 1017
Director of Information Technology Services Kevin Urtubey 1654
Director of Educational Media Technology Michael Sweeder 1658
Assistant to the Business Administrator Jamie Shoemaker 1015
Director of Facilities Tim Brunetta 1800
Director of Security/School Safety John Votta
Supervisor of Accounting Shelleen Ancheta 1008
Bookkeeper/Accounts Payable Nicole Barr 1009
Bookkeeper/Accounts Payable Amy Diggins 1011
Bookkeeper/Accounts Receivable Gina Delaney
Benefits Analyst Megan Halka 1023
Bookkeeper Special Services Leslie Butts 1034
Payroll Analyst Judy Millar 1024
Safety Specialist Brooke Tommi 1039
District Data Analysis Specialist Dr. Leanna Mullen
Employment/Mentoring/Employment Contracts Jane Rainear 1025
Attendance/AESOP/Course Reimbursements Christi Mcgowan 1026
Critical Illness/Death in the Family/ CAO Receptionist Jennifer Finnerty 1032
Secretary to the Superintendent Sandy Ferriola 1001
Secretary to the Assistant Superintendents Nitty D’Allesandro 1003
Secretary to the Business Administrator Aimee Frye 1007
Secretary to the Director of Human Resources Victoria Bordonaro 1002
Secretary to Director of Special Education Kris Henderson 1019
Secretary to the Director of Facilities Barbara Dodd 1801
Facilities Secretary Diana Reilly 1809
Coordinator of Community Education/T.A.L.O.N.S Kristen Boyd
District Data Programmer Francesca Johnson 1018
Computer Repair Technician Gene Church 1035
Computer Support Specialist Scott Jarvie 1013
Computer Systems Engineer Kurt Faragher 1655
Computer Repair Technician Nevar Butler 1033
Telecom/WAN Specialist Ron Gubin 1657
Computer Systems Engineer Joseph Celona 1656
Educational Network Analyst Dean Tommi 1669
Communications Coordinator Tyler Gardner 1635
District Data Manager Caroline Prior 1041
Data Entry Specialist Inger Burnside 1014