Special Education Programs

Special Education Programs

A full continuum of special education programs are provided by the Egg Harbor Township  School District to meet the needs of students that are classified as eligible for special education and related services. We are committed to ensuring our programming decisions are informed by data. Additionally, understanding the research related to placing students in more restrictive programs, we ensure that all students are placed in the least restrictive environment. 

The programs below represent some of the districts programming options: 

In-class Resource (ICR): A general education program supported with a special education teacher. Classes, when appropriate may also be supported with a classroom aide. 

Pull-out Resource - Replacement (POR): Students receive instruction in a small class setting; the class is taught by a special education teacher. 

Self-Contained Programs: Designed for students with significant needs, our self-contained programs offer specialized programming and at the secondary level there is a focus on life and vocational skills. 

There is also a strong focus on Community Based Instruction

Preschool: full-day Preschool Disabled and Integrated Programs.